About Us

Princess for Paws is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to families in need of Service Dogs. The Board of Directors is composed of 7 members, four of which are military veterans from the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. The remaining members of the Board are military family members. All of the Board members are Service Dog handlers themselves which allows them to talk with members of our community from a personal level. Their disabilities span from PTSD, anxiety, epileptic seizures, and mobility. P4P participates in numerous community events to raise awareness and provide information to future Service Dog handlers. A main motto of P4P is, “Life Doesn’t End With a Disability.”

To raise awareness about the benefits of Service Dogs and to financially assist families in need of Service Dogs to aid in their disability in the State of North Carolina.

Our History
The concept of Princess for Paws was developed from the compassion of the Pastor family in wanting to help their friends and other Service Dog handlers who had financial hardships. In 2016, Mrs. Pastor developed the idea to hold a pageant for young girls to compete in that allowed them to have their favorite dog by their side. The name of the pageant was, “Princess for Paws.” With the success of the pageant, the Pastor’s strived to take what was a simple pageant into something much bigger. In 2017 they achieved their dream and formally established Princess for Paws, Inc. and gained it’s 501(c)(3) status.

Board of Directors

President/Founder  – Christy Pastor
Service Dog: “General” Mattis

Vice-President – Brandon Pastor
Service Dog in Training: Bailey

Treasurer – Christie Finney
Service Dog in Training: Nova

Secretary – Adilene Steele
Service Dog in Training: 

Chief Information Officer – Joe Jackson
Service Dog: Shadow

Master at Arms – Kenneth Finney, Jr.
Service Dog: Scout

Junior Member – Autumn Finney
Service Dog in Training: Phoenix

An Onslow County, NC based charity for service dogs